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ProAir  a is division of SM Refrigeration and Air Conditioning LTD. SM was one of the pioneers of the air conditioning industry in Ghana. The company was founded in the late sixties by Mr. Owusu Appiagyei at OSU, Accra. Through out the years, SM has been a constant provider of high quality service in the air conditioning business in Ghana. We have worked for almost every government ministries in the country as well as all major commercial banks and mining companies. After about forty five years in business, Mr Kennny Appiagyei Owusu Junior a US Based patented inventor of airconditioning devices and the son of  Mr Appiagyei Owusu senior has transformed the former SM into PROAIR and has introduced our own air conditioning brand called ProAir. 

  We have partnered with the current number one air condition manufacturers in the world to bring you these truly unique air conditioners. Manufacturing has been personally supervised by Mr. Appiagyei Owusu Jr.

  All our products are backed by our solid excellent experience in maintenance and repairs. We are not just any mear trading company, air conditioning has been our craft and livelihood for over fifty years. We sincerely appreciate your business. Our goal is to provide quality affordable products & services to all our clients. We look forward to doing business with you. 

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